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  Our Services:
  • Search Engine Optimization - Achieve higher ranks in Google, Yahoo, MSN and over 800,000 others
  • Internet Marketing Packages! Get $200 FREE CLICK ADS now!
  • E-COMMERCE solutions - Achieve increased sales for less than you think.
  • Web Page Construction - Starting at $100 /page!
  • Computer Services - $80 / hour
Company Information  
  Company Information:

Does your computer:
  • Pop UP ads every 5 seconds?
  • Have Software that Drives You Nuts???
  • Want a Microsoft Certified Expert to setup your computer better than Dell, HP, Gateway or anyone else ever has for you???
  • Want a computer that "Just works" ?
  • Security / Spy ware, virus problems???
Call Us! We Specialized in these types of services, with more than 50 different tools to combat these types of Computer Problems.

- Management
Other News:
Search Engine Optimization - Yes you can achieve top ten placement, if you optimize your site and start a campaign to fullfill your top ten dreams.
Please contact us for more information.
- Sales Department
More News:
We now offer some of the best phone rates for T1 service, long distance rates, and much more! We also have ecommerce web hosting, using linux and microsoft servers for quality hosting and web based email. Our Domain Name rates are the cheapest we've seen, starting at $7.75!
- Web Hosting Department
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  Domain Names - $ 1.99 !!
  Hosting - $ 5.95 /mo !
  Web Sites - $ 4.95 /mo !
  Email - $ 9.95 /yr !

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