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  Our Services:
  • Search Engine Optimization - Achieve higher ranks in Google, Yahoo, MSN and over 800,000 others
  • Internet Marketing Packages! Get $200 FREE CLICK ADS now!
  • E-COMMERCE solutions - Achieve increased sales for less than you think.
  • Web Page Construction - Starting at $100 /page!
  • Computer Services - $80 / hour
Company Information  
  Company Information:

Does your computer:
  • Pop UP ads every few seconds?
  • Have Software that seems to have a mind of it's own?
  • Want a Microsoft Certified Expert to setup your computer better than Dell, HP, Gateway or anyone else ever has for you???
  • Want a computer that "Just works" and lasts ?
  • Security / Spy ware, virus concerns?
Call Us! We Specialized in these types of services, with more than 50 different tools to combat these types of Computer Problems.
With over 20+ years experience.

Internet News:
Search Engine Optimization - Yes you can achieve top ten placement, if you optimize your site and start a campaign to fullfill your top ten dreams.
Please contact us for more information.

Telephone News:

  • FREE phone service now available! NOT MagicJack! FREE U.S. Calling

  • We now offer some of the best phone rates for T1 service, long distance rates, and much more!

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      2016 Specials  

      Domain Names - $ 1.99 !!
      Hosting - $ 6.99 /mo !
      Web Sites - $ 10 /mo !
      Email - $1.99 /mo !


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